We support the developmentof Peruvian cacao


It is a strategic alliance between Peruvian and foreign research institutions, private companies and producer associations. It is partially funded by the Peruvian government, in order to develop technology and innovation focused on providing solutions to the specific needs of the cacao value chain.

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Develop and promote high-impact scientific and applied technological solutions that will generate improvements and efficiencies throughout the value chain, promoting in this way the sustainable development of the cacao sector in Peru.


To be a leading innovation center for the cacao sector in the Andean region with an integrative approach throughout the value chain.

Our Values

Social Responsibility


Environmental care

Ethic and integrity


Corporate and scientific excellence


  • La Ibérica

    Peruvian company with more than 100 years in the market, specialists in the development and marketing of chocolates.

  • Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

    Recognized among the best universities in Peru, UPCH stands out for its excellence in scientific research.

  • Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina

    Recognized as a center of academic excellence and leadership in research regarding agricultural and environmental issues.

  • ECOM Perú

    Leader in the business of buying and exporting cacao and coffee worldwide.

  • Pennsylvania State University

    One of the best specialized research centers in cacao worldwide.

  • Central Café y Cacao

    Organization that associates 13 cooperatives of the cacao and coffee sector, with a social base that consists of more than 10,000 small Peruvian producers.